Breaking news or broken news?

Why is not the Murdoch scandal the lead story?  It has international implications.  Or are they FOPs?  Friends of Piers.

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Hello, family searchers!

Sometimes genealogy research is called “the great obsession.”  If you have it, you and I are kindred spirits. 

It’s up to someone in each generation to be the record keeper, and that job soon translates into being the record seeker.  I must have picked up the baton from my uncle Brighton Ives, who was the keeper of the family stories in the previous generation.  I remember sitting under the picnic table at family reunions and hearing about the Civil War soldier, Grandpa Elias, who was a pioneer in Nebraska. 

And I heard about the first Ives in our line in New England, William Ives of the New Haven Colony.  I’d love to be the one who identified his family of origin back in England.  Maybe it will happen.

It’s the maybes that draw us deeper into the history books and family records. Every once in a while there’s a breakthrough, as happened recently in the brick wall of Allen Ames, who married Nancy Glancy. 

Together, maybe we’ll find ways to crash our own brick walls and do the same for our friends and cousins.

I’ll be posting a variety of message related to genealogy.  Maybe one will provide you with the need you lead.

My geographical focus is on the capital region of New York State, as you may read on my website,  That’s not such a narrow focus, since thousands of American families spent a day, a year, a decade or a lifetime here and left a record.

Here’s to the mysteries and here’s to the solutions. Every answer brings two more questions. Delightful frustration, isn’t it?

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